pmcr drivers embarrassing pitstops &book of excuses

Racing can have a funny side -usually looking back and preferably someone else. Send your best in -just for a laugh I've had loads (you cannot be serious)!

Reverse Gear?
Pole position in the final at Cambridge so I put my best freshly skimed motor in, switched on blipped the throttle and BANG the diodes blew up -because the car ran BACKWARDS -straight into the car behind !!! it wouln't have been so bad if the diodes wern't so loud and attracted everyones looks. I will name the ''motor expert'' to the highest bidder, -or maybe he will offer me more -NOT to.

Well Blow me down
Racing outside can be unpredictable like the time a big gust of wind blew me backwards off the rostrom (can't hold on to the rail -with both hands on the transmitter) I also got the blame from everyone else for crashing - because they lost concentration from laughing too much! Later the same day we got large hailstones which really stings your ears -and drivers caps being blown all over the track

Fetch Boy
Does anyone remember when a large dog wandered onto the track at West London during a modified race -Drivers were trying to dodge the dog -and the chasing pack of marshals running into each other! Stop the race -not a chance.

''Ive just rebuilt my sons TC3 but it dosn't go at all -just gets hot?'' explained a puzzled dad. After a bit of headscratching it turned out that he had put the front diff in upside down! The back end wanted to go forward as normal -and the front... DOH