pmcr driver Elliott wins More National Championships

Congratulations to local pmcr driver Elliott on outdriving the best drivers in the UK -and still a Junior!!!
Elliott's first seasons racing in the Schumacher series saw him start in the bottom finals and reaching the A finals in the stock class by the end of the season. This placed him 20th overall and pmcr top placed stock driver of 2005 It must be down to all the practice and support Elliott gets at pmcr, -so at least the pressure is off me, I'm not the target now! but somehow I don't think that's going to worry super cool Elliott too much.

the junior under 13 National Championships 2005 in style

Elliott was in blistering form at Don Valley in Sheffield, Not content with just putting his car on pole -he won all the finals too!
'The large track suited my style of driving and car set-up perfectly' said Elliott.
Along with the trophy comes a sponsorship deal.
Excellent progress in 2006, any takers for 2007? Bring it on.

Peterborough Driver Wins BIWS! 2006
Report By Elliott Harper - spot the body shell artwork by Roy Crowson!
BIWS R2 It quickly became apparent during the first qualifier that my personal transponder was not counting, giving me a DNS and placed 10th, even though the car was performing and on the pace. The 2nd qualifier saw the car respond really well, with the Orion Rheinard 8T single coupled with the Orion batteries, powering the Cyclone around the track and I was moving up the pack quickly, managing to finish in 5th place. My best performance was in the 3rd qualifier finishing 3rd. During the 4th and final qualifier I broke a C Hub, preventing any improvement. This placed me in 5th position in the A final.

In the final I started well and kept the car on a tight line seizing the opportunity during the 2nd lap to move up to 3rd place behind Sam Smith and the leading car of Ben Cosgrove. This was the running order until Ben, unfortunately nosed his car on a bend allowing Sam and I to sweep by before he was marshalled back onto the track. Not long after the 2 min. mark, Sam also nosed his car out on the tight and twisty track layout and I clipped his tail as I went past moving Sam away from the barrier but giving me a 2 second lead. This was how the race progressed for the latter half. I could see Sam was pushing hard to recover and with about one min. to go had reduced my lead to 1.2 secs. I continued to drive a faultless race and passed over the line still 1.2 secs. ahead of Sam taking the win. My final position was 1st in the modified A final.

BIWS R5 This was the 5th and last meeting of the BIWS 2006/7 and was a “must count” round in a 4 from 5 series and so it was always going to be fiercely contended. The track layout made it all the more challenging with few opportunities for overtaking. I completed the first 2 qualifying rounds well and due to some technical issues DNF'd the last two, still managing to secure 4th on the grid.
I was quick off the start and swept tight into the first bend, taking advantage of a narrow gap, moving up into 3rd place. The first 3 cars then traced a neat line around the circuit and it wasn't long before the complex track layout and back markers increased the challenge. 2nd place got caught up passing a back marker and this allowed me to manoeuvre into 2nd place. This is how the positions remained, but the strain told on the leader's car and not long after the 4 min. mark, half way down the straight his car came to a stop – it was all I could do to miss both his car and the marshal attempting to retrieve it. I just squeezed under his foot as he stepped back! Clearly my luck had improved from the qualifying rounds. Now in 1st place I maintained the lead to and was very relieved to finish the series on a high note!
My result on the day was a win and I also secured the BIWS Modified overall 2006/7 title on 397 points from 400. Trophys presented by World Champion Andy Moore


TORC R8, Ashby
23rd July 2006 - Good results for Mirage U14 Juniors!
Race report from Elliott Harper
Saturday practice was not as well attended as normal, mainly due to the sudden downpour around 3 p.m. that prevented latecomers going through their pre-race preparations.
Sunday qualifiers proved to be an interesting combination of events for me. I quickly realised after the first lap that my transponder was not working. The second qualifier was on wet tyres and I knew I needed a good 3rd qualifier result. In the third qualifier, the sun was out and had dried the track. Starting from 6th place, I managed a 19/312, that placed me 3rd overall on the "A" final grid.
First "A" final didn't start well with a slight spin early on, losing me two places back to 5th. I fought back to finish in 3rd place. Second "A" final started better and straight away I was challenging for 2nd place. On the 3rd lap the car in front provided me with an opportunity to move into 2nd place and I held this position for the remainder of the race.
My 3rd and 2nd places gave me 2nd overall on the day, adding further very valuable points to my championship position, where I am lying 3rd overall, leading F2 and leading the Junior section - but still a lot of racing to go!
Team mate and fellow Junior, Dan Dixon also rounded off a good day for Mirage U14 Juniors by taking 3rd place in the "B" final. This event was a warm up for the forthcoming National U14 BRCA Juniors event at Ashby on August 20th.


TORC, Stafford
TORC Round 7 - Stafford - 9/7/06

Race report by Elliott Harper
Practice day confirmed set up and gearing. Tyre selection was problematic, but I decided to go for 22's.
On the day I was placed in position 5 of the 'A' final qualifier. The previous days work setting up and getting the package to work paid off straight away as I quickly moved up to finish in second place. The 2nd qualifier finished similarly and in the 3rd qualifier, I achieved 18/308.7, with the fastest individual lap on the day by just over 2 tenths of a second in 16.60. But I was still 0.17 seconds behind Andy Robson's TQ to be placed 2nd in the 'A' final.
In the first 'A' final, I lost 2 places and fought back during a very competitive race to finish 3rd with team mate Dominic Carter just behind me in 4th place. The second 'A' final, I quickly moved into 2nd place, holding off a challenge by Ian Wittingham. However, my tyres went off in the later stages of the race and I lost 2 places to finish 4th.
Overall on the day I finished 3rd, adding further valuable points to both my overall championship position and strengthening my F2 leaderboard position.